Yelena Popova

Painting Installation, Drying Time, Paradise Row, London, 2014

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Painting Installation, Drying Time, Paradise Row, London, 2014

Balance of Probabilities, Painting Installation, Saatchi Gallery,London, 2013

Blue. Seventeen, Painting Installation, Osnova Gallery, Moscow, 2017

Invisible Paintings, A World to Gain, Painting Installation, Philipp von Rosen, Cologne, 2014

Painting Installation, The Other Side, Garage Project Space, Moscow, 2015 curated by Snejana Krasteva

Unsensed, Painting Installation, Hatton Gallery, 2015, curated by Madeleine Kennedy

Insoluble Moments, Painting Installation, Knoll, Vienna, 2013, curated by Lina Dzuverovic part of Why Painting Now?

Cornelius, The Collector's Case, portable Display Stracture, Display Show, Eastside Projects, curated by Gavin Wade


Evaporating Paintings, Public Gallery, Painting Installation, After Image solo show, Nottingham Contemporary, 2016

Pu (12).1

Human Studies Paintings and video Unnamed, Perpetual Uncertainty, Buildmuseet, Umea, Sweden,

curated by Ele Carpenter, 2016

Townlets, end of residency solo show, The Art House Wakefield,  May2018


This Certifies That, solo show,  Osnova, Moscow, March 2018

Her Name is Prometheus, Public event/performance in the swimming pool, Wakefield, Comissioned by The Arthouse,

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